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Gravitas: The not-so 'healthy' snacks

A study has found that ‘healthy’ snacks are saltier than seawater. One ‘healthy’ hummus had more salt than 2 bags of McDonald’s french fries. Have you been …

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  1. Indian snacks are healthy.. but only home-made ones.. not packaged ones.. Lays chips has one chip with more salt than you would put in a dal.

  2. Yes, it's true !! 85% of ads in food industry is from "bastards" of Bollywood ! They just don't care about how the company makes these food products. Money 🤑🤑 is all they want. Govt. should bring in strict guidelines to protect public falling into "diabetic trap"

  3. The bigger companies are using some of the worst ingredients possible to cut down on their costs and increase the shelf life of their products. I believe in supporting local businesses that prepare stuff on order and are not using tons of stuffs we cant even pronounce.

  4. I have anyways stopped eating all types of processed foods.Almost every packed food is loaded with sugar 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  5. Nutritional science, personal finance and law(basic) should be made part of the curriculum. Most of us learn about these important things late in life.

  6. We Indians are lucky to have fit tuber Vivek as our guide to healthy food and saves us from commodities which are nothing but trash sold under disguised marketing gimmicks.

  7. That's why I eat 4 tomatoes, 1 gauva, 1 orange, 1banana raw… and 1egg boiled, soaked moong and ground nut 100 g….and lemonade with 3 pulkas and dal fry 5 days a week…rest unlimited nonveg with pulkas or rice…am I right or wrong?..

  8. I could not understand why we are talking about. We have business schools which teach how to do such kind of marketing. Are we also looking at what the business schools are teaching ?

    Once we have it, we will get such kind of details with lot of false marketing.

  9. … ?? I think the people know that already. Healthy snacks? .? Lol
    An apple is a healthy snack !
    By the way healthy : stop bleaching your skin !,!! It gives you cancer. ! Your Skin is beautiful as it is .

  10. We in India still do not have sodium levels mentioned on the snack packets. In Western countries it is a must. To give you an example, a single pack of instant noodles has 110 to 150% of our daily sodium requirements. Unfortunately, in India we do not see any mention of it. Excess sugar is a killer and so is the salt.

  11. This entire industry is pure bs . Just eat home cooked traditional food , no matter where you are from india , it is much healthier . Drink lots of water and remove sugar from diet . Do lots of cardio and resistance training 💪🙏👍

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