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Green Chef vs. Sun Basket: They are organic but are they accessible?

Hello people, I’m Kirsten! If you’re like me, finding the right meal prep service can get pretty annoying because there are more and …

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  1. Green chef offers organic produce and eggs. Sunbasket offers the same but they also offer organic meat. I don't mind the up charge because some companies like green chef don't offer organic meat at all. People don't seem to realize the meat is not organic with green chef.

  2. I can't believe they make you call every week! That seems like something they absolutely should proactively accommodate after the first call. This video was helpful, and I lol'd at the cheesecake factory reference 🙂

  3. Kirsten is a whiz in the kitchen and proficient in cooking!!! She’s a great teacher to the handicapped who need the confidence to open up your boundaries and your experiences!!!

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