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Grilled "Chili" Steak – Food Wishes

They say that a good steak doesn’t need to be seasoned with anything more than a sprinkle of salt. That sounds great, and I won’t argue, but sometimes you just …

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  1. Just be very careful if you are using store bought chili powder. Most mass market brands these days are loaded with salt because salt is cheaper than chilies. I make my own American style chili powder with no added salt because the store brands are just too salty for me. Anyway so I'd be fine with his salt level on the steaks since I wouldn't be adding extra with the chili powder. It's not hard to blend your own chili powder by the way. Start with ancho chilies which are dried poblanos. Add some other dried chilies for depth if you want or just use ancho. Add some cumin, garlic powder, oregano, black pepper, etc. and you will have a wonderfully fragrant and tasty chili powder. And no salt!

  2. I'm going to do something weird here and actually comment on the recipe. I made this tonight and it was quite fantastic. The charcoal/mesquite makes such a big difference and the chili lime butter was a perfect compliment to the steak flavoring. I made a homemade potato salad and it was also a welcome change to mash/baked/fries.

  3. I'd eat this three times a day everyday don't get me wrong but the best way to go with steak is just buying a premium cut, cooking it medium rare or medium at most, and eating the thing. Don't complicate your steak game.

  4. A perfect steak does taste great on its own, with nothing else. But a steak also tastes great covered with tasty stuff.

  5. To check my steak for doneness I make the OK gesture (thumb touching my fore finger) with my left hand and with my right fore finger I poke the meaty part of my thumb where it hits my palm. That is what a rare steak feels like. Medium rare is thumb to middle finger, medium is thumb to ring finger, well done is thumb to pinky. It works and will help you decide if your steak is done the way you like!

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