Grilled Mallard Duck | 2 EASY Appetizers!

On this video Joel shows you 2 easy appetizers with mallard duck. Grilled Mallard Duck is one of the tastiest ways to cook it. Watch and find out how do make …

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  1. Thanks so much Joel! Love the vids as usual. Wish I had any ducks left to try it on but this year was a bit slow. I do a lot of jerky that I dehydrate as I find the family likes to snack on it more but I do love like a "chicken fried" style breast too!

  2. My wife and I like to fry it to a medium rare with crispy skin and top it off with a red wine and huckleberry reduction and some grilled asperigus and garlic and rosemary roasted potatoes. Thanks for another great video.

  3. I learned a couple things grilling duck and geese. I always trim off the silver skin on the breast so it’s not chewy, and always cook them rare. The more rare the better. I shoot to get the internal temp around 120-125. Even geese taste close to steak if you can keep it rare. Definitely trying these recipes they look delicious

  4. Great video Joel! I'm going to try out your method of wrapping the skin around half a breast on a couple of wood ducks I have thawing. One of my favorite ways to cook breasts is to sear them in a scorching hot cast iron pan for a minute or two skin side down and let finish to medium rare on a wire rack in a 325 degree oven. I make a simple sauce while they're in the oven or resting. I drain off all but about a quarter of the duck fat, put preferred amount of cayenne or whatever source of heat available in the remaining fat until fragrant, de-glaze with whatever you prefer and scrape up anything remaining from searing, add a handful of raspberries or blackberries and a couple of spoonfuls of honey and let it all come together as a nice sauce to pour over finished duck/goose breasts.

  5. Looks super good!! We make everything from duck and geese. Tacos,fajitas,chili. Love just frying up breasts in vinaigrette or teriyaki garlic just to name a few.

  6. I just ate and you're making me hungry. I do an easy duck/goose appetizer. Get your grill hot- use a good rub, quick sear on both sides, basically rare. Let rest, cut 1/8 strips across the grain, get a skillet hot with butter, light salt/pepper or your rub and a quick sear on each side. Chill then Serve w other meats, cheese and good crackers or Melba style bread.

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