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GROCERY STORE BACKPACKING FOOD | Cheap & Easy Dinner Ideas // 10 cheap & easy backpacking food dinner options you can find at the grocery store, …

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  1. Looking for cheap and easy backpacking food dinner ideas that can be found at the grocery store? I got you! Dinner’s served! Are you ready? Call me anything you want. Just please don’t call me late for dinner, especially when backpacking. Here are 10 of my trail dinner favorites. What do you like to eat for dinner when backpacking?

  2. These are great meals you cooked up. I used to take Mountain House meals which were calorically great; also, expensive. I ate Mountain House meals during my camping excursions with the Boy Scouts. This is really good food btw. I like the options you picked and you are getting the most bang for your buck on these meals. My fav is the chili

  3. These are great ideas. I like videos about "homemade" hiker foods. Just so you know, prices where I am at seems to be about half of the amounts you were quoting, didn't realize food prices varied so much from place to place. Ramen packets are 99 cents for a 6 pack. Knorr packets are 88 cents. Etc.

  4. easy boost for 'just ramen take 1 pouch of 1 cup style soup with a complimentary flavour to the ramen through it all in the pot give it a dry stir then add water you can depending on brand and flavour up the calories in your cup by 60 -80 % also you end up with a thicker more flavourful btoth and using no extra water

  5. Hi, I have been hiking a little in the last 10 or so years but I love it and feel so grateful to have come across this video with you and Tucker. Thank you! by the way, he has one of the coolest names ever. Haha
    And you are beautiful, I look forward to seeing more videos

  6. I'm a new sub. Don't do much hiking but power walk 5 plus miles a day. love your ideas and will make use of them in my prepping supply so I have meals ready to go in my bugout bag. Thank you.

  7. Mac and cheese, throw in one of those small cans of salmon, tuna, chicken or ham.

    Classic wienie beanie, can of beans, I like pork n beans in tomato sauce, slice up a can of Vienna sausage, simmer for 5 to ten minutes.

    I also like just canned beef and Irish stews, take the paper label off, open the top, heat in the can on low heat with stirring, biscuit or tortilla.

    Biscuits or small bannocks are good camping and hiking food you can make ahead of time at home. Keeps ok for up to 4 days without refrigeration. Try using Cheez Whiz instead of lard or shortening. Use up to 4 or 5 times as much Cheez Whiz as you would lard or shortening. Just work the cheese goo into the flour same as shortening. No salt since the cheese has lots. Just flour and baking powder, or self rising flour, Cheez Whiz and water. Can also be made from pre prepared flour mix on the trail, lasts weeks. Just leave the last step, adding water and kneading for camp fire side. Make thin patties, cook on hot rocks or in a dry fry pan with flipping. Or make a long thin rope, wind it around a stick in a spiral, roast like a wiener.

    Hard Boiled eggs are also an excellent trail food you can cook ahead of time, keep for days. One of my fave no cook meals is boiled eggs, bannock, a few inches of kobasa sausage and a freshly sliced tomato. Just make a big pot of tea to go with. Quick, easy and satisfying when you're pooped at the end of the day.

    beef jerky or pepperoni sticks
    sun dried tomato flakes
    dry onion flakes
    some kind of small pasta
    salt and pepper
    Slice or chop up the dried meat finely. Put in a boiling pot of water with tomato, onions, salt and pepper. Simmer for about ten minutes, set aside for about 20 minutes. You may have to repeat this to soften the meat and get it to give up some flavor to the broth. Optionally add beef bouillon powder. Mind the total salt content, maybe don't add salt if adding bouillon. When the meat is softened to your liking, bring to a boil and add the pasta. Simmer until pasta is cooked. Don't use a lot of water, just enough to make thick soup. You can play around with proportions of ingredients and amount of water until you get something you like. Maybe try at home a couple times first.

  8. I enjoyed the video. On long backpacking hikes my caloric expenditure is around 4000-5000kcal. I think I’ll need to scale up, although I am ok to be in deficit for a few days. One thing that struck me is that most of the calories are from carbs. Recently I have adopted a low carb lifestyle. I would love to see some more low carb ideas in a video.

  9. Great video! Thank you!
    Is that the BRS stove? I've been concerned to use mine for anything more than boiling water as I thought it may scorch the food.

  10. You can also do this without wasting your fuel by boiling the water (using less water) and put it in a ziploc bag with the knorrs or mash potatoes and put it into a homemade koozie (I made mine out of the foil you put in a car windshield on a sunny day) sit back for 20 minutes and enjoy. No wasted fuel.

  11. Using the Stove top stuffing , a foil pack of chicken and a pack of instant gravy. My version of chicken/turkey hash. Put everything in a freezer bag and add the proper amount of hot water , stir , seal and let it sit in a cozy for a few minutes. Meat & potatoes ….Using the instant potatoes ( Roasted garlic ones ) add dehydrated hamburger and a packet of instant gravy , all in a zip lock bag , just add hot water , stir , let it sit in a cozy and then enjoy. I like the freezer bag style of cooking. It's simple , easy , quick and clean up is a matter of licking the spoon. The 1st bag , after the meal becomes the trash bag for the others.

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