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Ground Beef Carnivore Diet Recipes

These quick and easy carnivore recipes are great way to do carnivore on a budget while also adding plenty of flavor and variety. Get 20% off all Primal Kitchen …

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  1. Funny I accidently ended up doing this not knowing why I felt better cutting out carbs to a minimal and loved eating this maybe with a bit of spinach or lettuce and chopped tomatoes but not much. Now I understand why, definitely sharing this with our son who is looking into this.

  2. I started carnivore yesterday, I am insulin resistant and I had a heart attack in January with no high cholesterol and no high blood pressure, I do have some inflammation that may have caused the blockage, I need to lose a lot of visceral fat. I'm 53 and in relatively good shape except for the extra stomach fat, I am eating some American cheese that shows <1 gram of carbs. I don't know what < means,

  3. Actually got board eating ribeye. Don't get me wrong, I love good ribeye…just not every dsy. Hamburger, on the other hand can be cooked in many ways, adding variety to your meals. Here's one way….combine breafas sausage to hamburger in a frying pan. Tasty!

  4. Love these ideas! Just ordered my Primal Kitchen sauces. Also for those of you suggesting to put any of these in a lettuce wrap, you certainly can but that would be more Keto than Carnivore. Can’t eat those leafy greens on Carnivore (plus, I hate lettuce).

  5. breading and deep frying pieces of liver and then sprinkling lemon juice on is the way to go, but that probably defeats the purpose of dieting

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