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Grow food more easily, with so many benefits. Boost the immune system of you and yours with fresh and microbe rich vegetables. My sowing Timeline is here …

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  1. Charles you do keep people healthy in many ways. I keep calm by listening to you. I eat well following your advice. You enable me to grow lovely food. You are win win
    . Thank you .

  2. Great Message!

    I started my tomatoes in door, but it was a little cold in my house, so they were in temps of 40-65 F. Is that too cold for them? they seem to be growing very slowly. I wonder if they're damaged by the cold. also, i put them outside, sometimes when temps are as low as 40F!

  3. There is a huge difference in the food we raise compared to the food in the grocery store, even the food raised with commercial fertilizer is better. The store bought food sees a minimum of two sprays of pesticides, one or two sprays of a fungicide, and at least one spray of a herbicide. Then there is the pouring on of all kinds of commercial fertilizer, in which 75% washes into the rivers, causing all kinds of damage. If you like watermelon that Crop sees 3 to 4 sprays of pesticides, and at least 3 sprays of herbicides and multiple sprays of fungicides. Then for ripening the water melon they spray a herbicide that kills the vines and causes all melons to turn pink inside, what a chemical bomb!

    That pesticide they use everyone should be aware what it actually does to the insect, in that it attacks the nervous system in the bug, they are actually spraying a nerve agent on the crop. Then there is the herbicide used like Roundup, known to cause Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Roundup or Glyphosate also destroys every good gut bacteria in the gut, but promotes the nasty gut fungus that causes cancer. When one loses the good gut flora all is not well any longer in that human body, can cause heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes and all kinds of other auto immune diseases.

    Is it any wonder thousands of beekeepers like myself went out of business because of the fast buck Monsantan, Bayer, and the likes of the EPA want? Yep there is an internal EPA document over a hundred pages that the EPA knew full well what would happen if they ever release that pesticide in use today. See it here:
    Bayer never could get an approval for that pesticide, neonicitinoids, they had three studies for bee safety and every study failed, the pesticide is still released under an emergence order. I read one of the studies, biggest joke ever!!

    For what ever reason the Government and corporations are lying, and they don't what us to grow a garden, best thing to do is plant and grow as much as you can and learn seed saving because bayer whats to control the food industry and they are buying up seeds for patenting! Monsatan even tried to patent the pig, but they do own a patent on a GMO cow! BTW Bayer and BASF both German Companies could no longer do AG business in Germany so the came to America where the poisoning of Americans is Okay!

    Is it any wonder the human population is dying with every type of virus or pathogen comes along?

  4. Found Charles Dowding's channel with a random search. Brilliant! In a time of lockdown, we're spending mindful time in the garden. We've been accidentally composting for years which has definitely come in handy. We've sorted out a veg patch and seedlings are sprouting. Love the videos – so informative, encouraging and friendly. Thank you Mr. Dowding. You have a fabulous, really useful channel. #inspired

  5. When you refer to compost, are you referring to gardening soil or is it one and the same? Do I need both soil and compost? If I only need compost, can I use compost from leaves and brush that has broken down over time?

  6. I've enjoyed your videos and revisited many. I live in a planned community and cannot have a garden but I do have pots of beautiful strawberries and herbs. Wife and I just retired and looking for land. My first job, clear a garden space and use your "no dig" philosophy to build my garden beds. Thank you for this video and sharing exactly what is needed right now.

  7. And if Mr.Dowding's planting guide doesn't work for you – I am in Zone 6 and we got snow today – check out local ones. EG in my province, West Coast Seeds puts out 3 for different regions, free online or in the seed catalogue. Also, yay for microbes!

  8. I cured Hodgkins Lymphoma by changing my diet to raw organic vegetables, fruits, juicing, bioavailables/supplements, and coffee enemas. (Gerson therapy). Nature is the ultimate teacher and healer.

  9. Mr Charles, I enjoy your channel very much and appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I am beginning a no dig garden to be used this year. In the past, I have used Epsom salts and vinegar mixture to kill weeds. Could I put this down before the cardboard/ compost mix? Do you foresee any trouble with that?
    Thank you. Zone 4b

  10. Thank you for this encouraging and simple video. You have helped me immensely in turning from mowing grass and landscaped yard to having a sustainable food source.

  11. I know you grow winter vegetables, but have you ever considered using winter cover crops like winter rye? Or do you feel that the high fertility of the compost ofsets the need for soil building offered by covers? I love you channel by the way 🙂 and would appreciate your thoughts on the matter. I also follow I AM ORGANIC GARDENING and he speaks of always having a living root in the ground. Thanks!

  12. You are one of the best Garden channel’s on YouTube!

    Would you consider making any videos regarding growing in containers or pots?

    For example finding out the following information would be useful:

    – Different climates and considerations. We are from Sydney, Australia, I believe we are in Zone 10 but if you knew any information regarding gardening for different climates this would be very useful.

    Our Summers here can range anywhere from 20-40 degrees Celsius, and our Winters rarely go below 2-3 degrees Celsius.

    – can your no dig method be used for growing in pots/containers?

    -do we need to use slow release fertilisers? (You mentioned in a previous video that fertilisers can actually harm the soil and crops if I understood this correctly)

    – Are premium potting mixes with trace elements, growth stimulants, wetting agents, feeding etc more beneficial?

    – Companion planting: For example Beetroots/Carrots are said to grow well with lettuce/ leafy vegetables however you have mentioned that root vegetables don’t require as much water that leafy vegetables need. Therefore I wonder if planting root vegetables and leafy vegetables in the same trough/ pot wouldn’t be as beneficial as they’d require different amounts of watering.

    – Watering for containers: I had to watch your watering video and do some research online to adjust this to being useful for containers. However if you could clear up some myths for us that would be really useful.

    For example;
    – Using saucers underneath pots: apparently this can lead to root rot if the water is left underneath. We have used a saucer and put a stand on top of it to allow for our containers to drain better and provide airflow without getting water all over our balcony.
    – how much more often do you need to water for containers? Eg smaller pots require more frequent watering than larger pots/containers.

    We currently have 800mm wide plastic trough’s which provide us with a decent amount of space to grow on our balcony. If you could consider making these videos I’d really appreciate it :). There is so much mis information online but you always clear up myths which I appreciate.

  13. Thank you for this positive, encouraging message Charles! The world is awakening slowly during this pandemic to realize we have to be more self-sufficient and one of the best ways is to grow your own food at home. There are so many backyards here in Canada that could be used to grow some food instead of lawns. But people have been very complacent (up until now). 

    That's why I teach families how to grow their own food as well. We are doing a great service as teachers!

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