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This Channel✓ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Todays video is all about organic dry amentments nutrients. I show top dress and transplanting techniques as well as …

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  1. How often do you top dress yours. Or does it depend on the strain. Cause I’m the flower stage I develop a deficiency. Not sure on if it’s cause I’m not feeding the correct amount for the stage🤦🏾‍♂️
    Can’t seem to get the right dial on it

  2. I want to switch to organic dry amendments because I heard it taste better … I’m currently using foxfarm trio . Do you read ppm runoff using organic amendments? How do you know when to feed ?

  3. Ive got a kit . Has grow bloom bloom 2 castings frass and malted barley . I get grow . Bloom 1 i assume first 3 . Then bloom 2 . Why when frass castings and barley ? Any help for a newby

  4. Luv your vids. I literally base my grows on your information and videos. I’m having a issue with my grow. I’m a first time grower and spared no expense on my equipment. I’m growing 5 lithium OG kush with really great genetics in 5gl Airpots with LST and they are flourishing. I’m running 2 marshydro TS 3000 in my 4×8 tent and Ive noticed the last week that new veg stems and fan leafs are starting to purpl and At the low end of the stocks they are starting to stripe with purple/maroon ish. I’m using all organic soil with dry amendments. In my second 4×8 I am growing 3 of the lithium OG Kush as well as Gelato,GG4 and Thin mint cookies (6) total in DWC with 2 Marshydro FC 6500 with Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur line. They look exactly like the others. No yellow leafs lots of new growth over all they look very healthy. Flipping to flower in the next 2 weeks. Is there anything I can do or should I leave it be. Any help would be appreciated from anyone. Thx 🙏

  5. Which question to anyone on here, can I use dry amendments wether they be for beging or for flower at any time on my plants? Obviously depending on what stage they're in because I just feel like the soil I've used and will not have enough nutrients for my plants full cycle

  6. Hey matt big fan . I'm starting a grow in living soil. How many times would you use the dry amendments ? Through the whole veg and flower cycle. I'm new to this and looking for information

  7. Just made the switch to coco and organic dry amendments… do u prefer coco or living soil. Thanks for all the content brother and helping me pull the trigger on my own garden. Nothing was the same my guy!

  8. Could someone plz answer this. With spider farmer lights I know to start the power out low and work it up over time but does that mean during seedling stage that if it’s suppose to be at 24 inches but u only have it at 30 percent power should the light be lower technically. The recommended is 24 inches away but is that considering u have the light set on max.

  9. Are them nutes fine for my 2 part promix hp plus 1 part worm castings and 1 part perlite for outside but started inside..Do u recommend when repot to change how I was mixing..2/1/1..thx

  10. What exactly do you use for the super soil what’s the recipe I remember you telling me in another video but I forget but I will screenshot it this time and do you let yours soak for 2months?

  11. Is their a reason people and even a lot of suppliers for cannabis dispensaries dobt grow organically with dry amendments???
    Is their a big difference in quality? Like taste, smell, appearance, and how smooth it smokes?

  12. What product do you use to adjust your ph? I'm growing in promix bx using gaia green amendments. Also should I be using cal mag supplement with tap water? Thanks!

  13. Gia green is only available in Canada right ? Im from bay area, The 4-4-4, can I use down to earth product as a substitute the 4-4–4 all purpose? Thank u , your videos are so useful 🤙

  14. Hi Canuck.. I see that you use the Gaia 4-4-4 and the 2-8-4. What is the other Gaia product you have in small zip lock baggy. Looks to be 6-15-1 or 0-15-1. what is this used for? Is it for last feeding in flower stage? Thx

  15. Great grow you have there. If you ever used liquid nutrients, can you explain the differences compared to the dry top dressing. Deficiencies, weight harvested etc that you have experienced?

  16. Beautiful man 👌, wish I could get that GAGI green here in the US 😢 I use sohum living soil. Would love to try that out. I can find it on Amazon but for 70-80 dollars 😬. Great looking girls man

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