Gustum de Praecoquis – Appetizer with Apricots – Ancient Roman Recipe

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  1. I made it today. Used sherry in stead of raisin wine, crumbled some not overly salty goat feta on top and enjoyed it with ciabatta as a light dinner. Really nice and will definitely be made again.
    My tip: use ripe but not mushy apricots and don't overcook them.

  2. As someone who has loved learning about the foods of the middle ages and ancient world since childhood, finding this beautiful channel with its peaceful music makes me so happy that I can't express it… Thank you so much for these intelligent, tasteful videos. Also, I love how you carefully cite your sources in detail. It's such a breath of fresh air amidst all of the shoddy, at times even dishonest food history out there. I will be looking into your cookbooks and Patreon for sure. God bless you and your work.

  3. Just in time for the apricot season. I do like using fruit in savory dishes. These apricots cooled down to room temperature should go well with ricotta salata or feta as a nice snack on a hot summer day.

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