Halloween Party Prep 2020 // Easy and Simple Party Prep // Halloween Party #halloween2020 #party

Halloween Party Prep 2020 // Easy and Simple Party Prep // Halloween Party #halloween2020 #party Hi Friends! In this video we get ready for our annual …

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  1. I remember reading the reason ppl started celebrating Halloween, which has nothing to do with why I celebrated. I love Halloween & I do celebrated for fun…& because my kids & I love candy😋…loved your ideas & decor…

  2. Your kitchen is so beautiful! I love love those little pretzel treats you made! Lol I went crazy and bought a ton of those candy eyes just because you can use them for so many fun Halloween treats! Loved this Halloween video and can’t wait to see more from you! Just subscribed 💗

  3. I love all of your fun decor! I am always blown away at how wonderful you put everything together ☺️🧡 that takes so much work! Don’t listen to those that make any sort of strange or negative comments. Like you said everyone has a choice to do as they please. You’re amazing and just keep being awesome! ❤️👏🏻👍🏻

  4. Oh my gosh I’ve never heard of a sharcatery board ( I’m sure I spelled that wrong) 😂 the one at the end lol but your decor looked 🔥 I really liked how you made levels to the candy table that was a great idea never thought to do that and now I’ll be stealing that idea 🤣 💕

  5. OMG Candace!!! I love this see I wish I lived close to you cause I would come to this Halloween party lol and you know I’m not a big fan of Halloween but I love it so much!!!! ☺️☺️☺️ and Micah loves Halloween so I’m doing little things for him ☺️ girlllll who leaving my friend nasty comments I can’t with people I block people so quick bye lol

  6. Hello my friend how are you ? GG a very good video you do a great job keep going like this a big blue thumb eager to see your next video and i hope your weekend is going well 👍👍

  7. Hello Candace – such a cute video. I love your wall with the bats and the snack table- too cute. I can’t believe Halloween is this coming week! Your pretzel treats look delicious. You’re going to have a fantastic party. Thanks so much for sharing 💕

  8. I don’t celebrate Halloween but I use to when I was a child but I love watching decorating videos and seeing everyone’s Halloween videos! I also have been loving your Halloween series you should be so proud because you have done absolutely exceptional and I have loved it so much😍 I love those chocolate m&ms they are so good!! Those keep out banners are so cool, I love those bats! That caldron is wicked! That’s such a great idea that you used a shoe box and other items to add different levels to the table! Love that! I love the mud monsters! I love that spiderweb chocolate pretzel it looked absolutely amazing, I love that idea! Oh those treats you made looked fantastic! Eeeeekkk I am in love with that candy board ❤️❤️

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