Happily Ever After Dessert Party & Fireworks Show

Thank you to Disney Vacation Club for hosting us at the Happily Ever After Dessert Party! Want to learn more about the travel products and camera equipment …

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  1. Thanks for the Vid, great looking Family. Why are there people standing on the rail? I thought people weren't allowed to do that anymore. It ruined my last visit, had front row table and as the show started a mass of people ran up and completely blocked my view.

  2. Kids can get permits here at 14 and take license test 6 months later. Way too scary!!! My daughter is 18 and still doesn't have her license and doesn't care. Mom is just her chauffeur.

  3. Awesome video guys. Heading down from NC tomorrow for a week at Disney and ready to be back. Going to be making more family memories, and filming and sketching in the parks for YouTube. Hope to see you in the parks someday!

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