Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party Review

The Happily Ever After Fireworks Dessert Party is an awesome way to experience the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. In this video we talk about what desserts …

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  1. Another great video Eric! We haven't done a dessert party yet, but they sure do look tempting! I think I would enjoy the Garden Viewing area rather than sit at a table with a side view as well. You had me at Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake and Cheeseburger spring rolls! yum!

  2. We have done the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert party for the last few years. We will be there in July and this is always the first thing I book. Through the years so much has been added. Last year we had the cheeseburger egg rolls and spinach and artichoke dip for the first time and it was a wonderful addition. We usually have a late lunch/early dinner around 3 so we can eat as much as we can during the dessert party. After dealing all day with the crowds it is nice to get away from the crowd especially to see the fireworks which is a great view. Last year as we were leaving to head to the buses we were actually taken through a special gate to make it easier for us to get out away from the crowd. They go above and beyond and even send you home with a variety of guiradell chocolates. I will say once you do this you will never want to stop. I did have a problem trying to book it online one year so I called and was on the phone for a bit but they made it happen.

  3. Thank you so much for this video! So informative! Did you go on this dessert party recently? I know Disney often changes. I can't believe how many more food choices there are. We did the Terrace viewing back in 2015 for Wishes and there were very few desserts compared to what you showed, and no savoury. Hoping to plan Garden viewing dessert party on our next trip this fall! New Sub here 🙂 Found your channel today!

  4. Hi! Would this be an option for gluten free people? Severe gluten free- celiacs. Would love to do this but one of our friends cannot eat most of this. I’m going to call Disney and ask. Great video!

  5. As a cast member at this event, I love seeing mine and my co-workers work displayed. It’s a great event to end your night at Magic Kingdom!! Desserts have been updated again very recently however.

  6. Such a great show and video! Thank you for sharing! I have done this dessert party for the past two years and I don't ever think I could not do it. This is one of my favorite shows in all of Disney (the most favorite is Fantasmic) and watching it without the stress of waiting for a spot for an hour just to have it blocked, the ability to be comfortable and really experience the magic of the show makes it all the more spectacular! Not to mention, the food is divine! Thanks for sharing, again and have a happy day☀️✨

  7. I have heard a lot about this however I can never seem to get a reservation 🙁  The deserts look awesome and I would love to try the cheeseburger egg rolls!!   I guess I need to try further out on making the reservation.

  8. Hi Eric. This party looks amazing. You had a great view and the deserts looked delightful. I didn't know what the cost was. Thanks for sharing. That does seem a bit steep. But I think it would be cool to do at least once. 😀

  9. The dessert party looks really good, such a great way to see the firework and projection show in the MK. Like you said, spending the extra money for a dessert party option is worth it if this is a special trip or you don't visit WDW that often. It saves you time so you can enjoy other areas of the park more, plus it guarantees you a nice view of the show.

  10. The food here looked amazing and what a view of the fireworks. We've never done this before but I agree that this seems like a better option than getting to the fireworks early. If you're like me, I'm always looking around, trying to see who has kids that they're going to lift up onto their shoulders at show time and I fiercely protect the space that I've saved for myself! Much better to do this option!

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