Harvest peanuts in my homeland – Healthy food

Today I am going to show you Harvest peanuts in my homeland and make food for my lunch. It is a very healthy food. Thank you for watching my video good …

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  1. Watching your videos makes me feel like I'm in our province in the Philippines. But I suppose, you are from Cambodia. What a lovely place. I am a new fan binge watching your videos.

  2. I love you ,you are my inspiration friend every minute every seconds every day you will be happy forever i wish from SL..thank you for your support for my village cooking channel

  3. Hi. I enjoyed your content. I've been trying to search for a YouTube vid similar to yours that educates the ideas in this YouTube video. 🩺 🧑🏻‍⚕️ The part at 1:19 is really useful. Your breakdown for sure is like the videos of Dr. Ethan! His demonstrations are for sure knowledgable and I learned a lot for midterms! He is an educational Dr in Europe and he talks about diseases.

    Go see his page out and give the medical student a subscribe over here! 👉 #FutureDoctorEthan

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