Vegan Recipes

HEALTHIER Vegan Treat Recipes!

As you may or may not know, for a bit too long I have been eating a bit too much candy and unhealthy vegan treats. While I believe that not depriving yourself is …

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  1. Am I ever going to get the trim back on my windows?! I thought it would be a one video thing and then the guy who did our tile had to get his hand in a cast so now its been like 2-3 weeks and I'm over it hahaha try to ignore the jagged window in the back

  2. I love how personal you are “oh there’s a dog hair” like I literally feel like I’m in the kitchen with you. I have never really gotten that “You are my friend” vine, but I got that from this. Makes my motherhood journey a little less lonely

  3. I like that you try other people's recipes.
    Ha ha I also rarely use a second bowl because, oh well… It really has to be important, if not, one bowl ! ^_^
    The hempies look so good, I bookmarked this video to try them soon (after your brownies recipes this weekend :-p ).

  4. Omg these seem amazing!! I want to try the coconut butter! PLEASE where is from your "cache coeur" (we call this because it hide the heart, it's so elegant on you!)? thanks for all the recipes this week, this is amazing!

  5. Love how Liv was like “for the people who don’t like coconut, I feel bad for you!” That’s me my best friend hates coconut anything and I’m like you are missing out 😂

  6. literally the moment i thought “what do i do if i don’t like coconut?”
    and then she said “and for people who don’t like coconut”
    me thinking/hoping she will come up with a different option
    Liv : “how bad for u”

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