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Healthy and Easy OATS Recipes low cal & tasty *weight loss*

My NEW RECIPE COOKBOOK (all UNDER 330 cals): hey my loves, hope you are healthy and safe! bringing you some yummy, …

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  1. I made the baked oats this morning, I don't know what I did wrong but they wouldn't set? I don't have protein powder.. Is that why? Also do you whisk the egg whites first or just throw in?! X

  2. YES YES YES love that you posted this. I just got some cookies and cream protein mix in the mail and so pumped to make my oats with it! Love your videos XX

  3. hi Olivia love the pancake recipe! was a bit confused you said use a whole egg at the end but you didnt use eggs in the batter? just a little unsure x about to make them for dinner!

  4. Only found your channel a few weeks ago but I’ve fallen in love with it!! I dont know if you’ve already done this sort of video but if you haven’t, please can you do an essential shop and essential meals that you always do for a week. Don’t know if that makes any sense hahah

  5. was literally looking for oat recipes and you uploaded this! so good to see recipes that are low calories & high protein ❤️

  6. Thank you for this video! ❤️ Is the baked oats really one portion!?😍 so excited to make them!! Also what do Cacao nibs taste like? 🤣 xxx

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