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Healthy Costco Haul | Stocking Up on Essentials!

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  1. For top rated TVs, have Matt look at better brands and models like LG OLED or Vizio P-series Quantum line. TV's with HDMI 2.1 inputs are the next big feature. Avoid the Skinny Popcorn, oil they use isn't a good one. Check if they have Rao's pasta sauce… recommended by America's Test Kitchen…clean ingredients, but not organic.

  2. So much plastic! Everything comes wrapped and packaged in plastic! I've never been to costco so this is shocking. i go to farmers market buy fresh ingredients that i will need for the week – i'm on a budget too – 3 kids….this is not necessary. how much more plastic can the earth take? plastic lasts forever! please do a video on shopping fresh with less plastic. terrible!

  3. you are buying items with "natural flavors", they are not natural… bad for your gut biome. Spindrift sparking drinks uses NO natural flavorings… so much better than the drinks you purchased. Watch FlavCity for the natural flavors video to learn about the harm and how to avoid.

  4. I don't see much healthy food, you eat a ton of sugar, sugar substitutes and plant oils which oxidize when heated. Standard American (Canadian ) diet

  5. Why youtubers have to shoot in grocery stores and make other people uncomfortable. There are a lot of people out there who do not want themselves on cameras . Please respect other people privacy.

  6. Not to be crazy, but you shouldn't entitle the video healthy if you're talking about buying cheese, butter, chicken/fish, and eggs. I get that you were showing essentials that you like to buy, but these items are not really healthy. Good looks on the frozen mango, Costco really does have a stellar frozen section.

  7. Why do you think your so special 🤔…..
    Lol you are very special if they only knew
    who you were 🙌🏼‼️
    Really enjoyed this video you were so funny

  8. Loved this video. I shop for all these items except the Almond Milk brand and the olives which I am looking forward to trying. Would love to know the difference in pricing for the exact same haul in the States. Groceries are so expensive here in Canada!!!

  9. I adore Costco, but tooo much plastic!!! I love your channel!!! you look like Sandra Bullock and have a lovely personality!!!!love your vlogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Fun video! I’d like to see a “shopping for a holiday party” Costco video. We host an open house that’s pretty much a pot luck, and I like to provide a good “help yourself” food selection that gets supplemented by guests’ contributions. So I usually start with big veggie and sandwich trays. I’d love to see what you might find at Costco! (We have 80-100 guests coming and going over a period of hours).

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