Healthy Dessert Recipes that are QUICK! single serve, easy

Healthy dessert recipes that are quick! single serve and easy desserts. FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK: HEALTHY DESSERTS …

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  1. I tried the mug cake – SO decadent and delicious! I had to remind myself it was healthy lol. It also is super filling which is a plus because it's from all healthy ingredients! I definitely had to microwave it for longer than 45 seconds though but that might have been because I added some extra coconut oil on accident. I added a little bit of almond butter to it too. Will try the raw cookie dough today!

  2. Hi Liv! Could you please share high protein single serve sweet snacks using protein powder?? I lift weights and trying to get more protein into my diet. Would help a lot to have homemade high protein sweet snacks to satisfy that sweet tooth 😋

  3. Omg! These recipes look amazing….where have you been all my life😍🤩🤗 Great delivery of the mixtures…I can tell about how much is in each ingredient not only by you saying it but by how you pour. Great Video‼️

  4. I have been loving the cashew butter cups! My son and I love them for dessert! Your dessert recipes are keeping us so healthy. My son would rather have your recipe over store bought cups!

  5. 👋👋👋what a perfect time, I'm craving for some chocolate and definitely gonna try those chocolate mug cake🍫🍫😍. Thank you soo much ❤💕

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