Healthy desserts【Longan Soy Milk Pudding】夏日甜点 清爽的【龙眼豆浆布丁】

炎炎夏日,当然要来个冰凉甜点降降暑。 爱喝豆浆的你绝对不能错过这款甜点! 不爱喝的,你有可能会因此爱上豆浆哦! 这款豆浆布丁,很清爽,滑嫩Q弹,简直吃不 …

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  1. Hi kitchen no 9
    Gong xi fa cai.
    Longan soy milk pudding.
    This pudding soft ma. i like soft
    i want do 1 litter home soy. But
    brown sugar how many gram
    Eveporate milk can i put 1 can
    Water how many litter. i like less sweet. i like your pudding. Please reply me ok

  2. Hi kitchen no 9
    Healthy desserts ( longan soya milk pudding).
    Home soy got unsweetened no add sugar. i find everway dont have unsweetened soya. Can u take pictures sample for me. i like unsweetened. Please reply me ok

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