HEALTHY DESSERTS // 4 easy, DELICIOUS, and healthy desserts to stay on track!

hiiii!! today i am showing 4 healthy desserts! don’t get me wrong, i love a good slice of cheesecake or chocolate covered strawberry, but i also love finding …

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  1. I love making desserts, yes I am the same way! I used to not have a sweet tooth and now I'm always craving something every night! Ahh those chocolate chip cookies omggg, I need to try them out! Yes covered dates are the best, I make them at least once a week!

  2. I've never baked like this with this more healthy recipie – looks so great and tasty 💖 maybe I will try this some day but I love the standard recipies so much: Hope you gonna make more baking videos later on. Still so happy that I found you and you know already how much I love you and your channel 💖 always the best hearts, kisses and hugs to youuuu 💕💋 Xoxo

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