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Healthy & Easy Meal Prep on a Budget **under £20 total**

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  1. I used to buy all my meat and chicken from Aldi, Tesco, etc…..but then I discovered I can buy three medium size halal chickens from a local Asian butcher for only £7.50!. Guys, their 'medium' size is like equivalent to large size chicken from Tesco. Not only much cheaper but it also tastes a hell of a lot better (no metallic taste cos blood been removed). I now buy all my chicken/meat from local Asian/halal butcher.

  2. It looks really tasty I'd love to make it however I'd forget containers or summat and I always find whenever I make big pans of stew or Tuna Pasta I can't seem to help myself goi g back for more and usually eat the lot in a day

  3. Has anyone used the Custokebon Secrets to lost lots of weight? Simply just do a search engine search. On there you will find a great suggestions about how exactly you can lost a ton of fat. Why not give it a chance? maybe it will work for you too.

  4. If you are looking for cheap and healthy food you should take a look at lentils and legues in general. Me and my flatmates always buy a 10 kg bag of lentils at a turkish/arabic supermarket for a ridiculously small amount of money. Add some fresh ans cheap vegetables and spices and you have a delicious dal for around 0,5-1£ per meal. 😀

  5. My enthusiasm to use “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) weight loss plan is at all time high. My very own eating habits and also my frequency of few workouts was not modified and also change. More than a period of a month, I lost around 6 lbs. The method has let me ate less and becoming full is faster. .

  6. I lived in a van for nearly 6 months and your budgeting is bang on joe mate good cooking skills to and you really look like a dude i went to school with but im from manchester lol

  7. Let's be honest, I clicked on this because of the shirtless screenshot. 😀 But I appreciate the honesty in the video, especially admitting you can't lift the chilli pot with one hand, mate. 😀 We stan an honest influencer! XOXO 😉

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