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Healthy Gluten-Free Meal Prep on a Budget!

Welcome to today’s meal prep video! You can find all the recipes, free print outs, and more tips on my blog: …

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  1. Please do more of these. I subscribed. A lot of family budget meal preps rely on wheat, corn and tons of sugar so
    … Thank you!😊 Your dog is cute.

  2. Love all your information and videos, my only advice would be if you want to grow your channel and keep people around, invest in some better audio! Consistent good sound would make a HUGE difference! Great job ✨❤️

  3. Omgosh this came at THE most perfect time!! Thank you so much!! Ive been feeling confused and lost for meals to try. Its been chaos for me 😣. Love your blog and its so good to see ya here too!!!! Thank you🙇‍♀️

  4. Loved this Taralynn! Unfortunately, I have purchased my fair share of expired products at Publix, but if you just show them the bag and receipt they will credit you or let you get something else!

  5. What kind of pans do you have they look like stone and I love it!! Love the meal preps I hope you do more, I'm not big on yogurt so I have been prepping my own egg bites in my instant pot.

  6. Yes please more meal
    Prep I am always looking for more ideas . Great recipes by the way !
    Also take those potatoes back you can get your money back that’s gross 🤢

  7. That always makes me mad, I'd take them back my store has always let me replace it if that happens. Usually doesn't but every now and then things slip by. Man I wish I had a publix I've heard they have great prices but didn't realize how great. Midwest doesn't have them, and my town doesn't have any good priced grocery stores. I spend about 200 a week but that is for a family of 4 and we eat all 3 meals from home and snacks. So I think that is a decent price?? I'd love to get it cheaper but not sure what to cut. It's my goal for 2020 to get it to 170 with out cut out so much we have to stock up each grocery trip. Does that make sense?? Oh and Yes I've love more meal prep.

  8. lol I think I'm the only person in the world who thinks plain tofu tastes "good." I mean I agree that it has basically no flavor but I love the texture of it on its own out of the air fryer where it's a little crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and I totally eat a few pieces right out of the air fryer!

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