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HEALTHY GROCERY HAUL | Meal Ideas for Weight Loss

My NEW RECIPE COOKBOOK (all UNDER 330 cals): hey my loves, hope you are healthy and safe! bringing you a healthy food shop haul!

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  1. Really random but please can I ask where your check shirt is from? I love it! also your vids are motivating me so much in lockdown so thank you!!! xx

  2. Yes now THIS is my kind of food shop!
    Have you ever tried the Oatly oat milk? It's the best!
    This shop makes me miss all the British goodies I used to get! Those Kallo flavoured rice cakes are THE BEST!

  3. Omg I love this girl Coke Zero / Diet Pepsi (my work uses dirt pepsi so I have that when I’m at work but it I prefer Coke Zero) is my vice too! I love you are so normal!!!!!

  4. Can you do a video on how to poach an egg I mean not specifically that but if you do a what I eat in a day and you make them can you show the steps I remember you made them on another what I eat in a day I’ve been googling it everywhere and it looks too confusing for me I might buy a egg poacher

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