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Healthy groceries make me so happy! I love doing my grocery shopping online and picking it up, it has been so helpful! Have you ever tried ordering online?

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  1. So sorry you've been feeling under the weather! But thanks for being responsible and staying home, some people still got out and its crazy! I've only recently started watching you and already love your content!

  2. You are absolutely amazing. Do you ever stock up on water? How often do you do your grocery shopping? Can you possibly do some in store videos? It would be awesome if you could show how you do your full shopping trip

  3. Oh and I totally tried the honey and chocolate chips on my popcorn last night. Think I saw it on your Instagram. Literally the best thing ever!!! 🔥

  4. Yes! I love Fred Meyers. I got delivery once and now I have my groceries delivered every weekend. My fiancé hates going to the grocery store with me 😂 the pick up is great too!! Grocery shopping is too time consuming sometimes. Lol. Glad you’re feeling better!!

  5. I love Fred Meyer! That's my go to grocery store. Have you tried the Simple Truth brand Almond milk?? Sooo, good. Definitely prefer it to other almond milks.
    Hope you feel better soon, love! 💗😁🛒

  6. 🛒🛒🛒Currently recovering from knee surgery and can’t walk for 6 weeks. I am going crazy – can you make a video about how you survived your injury? I was super active before (biked everywhere, lifted weights 5x a week) and now I can’t do any physical activity at all. My TDEE is so low due to reduced movement that even eating at my “maintenance” calories leaves me starving and thinking about food all of the time (even with all the tricks in the book – high volume foods, lots of water/tea/coffee, tons and tons and tons of veggies ). Maybe you went through some of this and can offer some tips?

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