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HEALTHY GROCERY HAUL | Meal Ideas Whilst Cutting

My NEW RECIPE COOKBOOK (all UNDER 330 cals): hey beauties! hope you are healthy and safe! bringing you a healthy food shop haul …

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  1. You must try weight watchers double chocolate brownies, they are very nice (you can find them at the frozen desserts) it's something between ice cream and brownie and just under 200 kcal 😀

  2. I only discovered you on here yesterday and binge watched all your videos! I'm so glad I found you as you help me to keep my meals interesting and being more excited to eat healthy and reach my goals. Thanks girl! Also, I love your personality, feel like I'm hanging out with a friend when watching your videos lol

  3. Just wanted to say how much you have changed my mindset! I have really struggled with binge eating disorder and by adopting your mentality and not restricting myself can finally say I now have found a balance and healthy relationship with food! Love your channel, me and my friends are completely obsessed with the baking videos and Penelope🥰🥰thank you again! Never thought I’d have such a positive outlook towards nutrition and fuelling my body correctly x

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