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If you want to eat healthily but are running out of ideas… here you have some inspirations on what to eat! Subscribe to MasterChef World here: …

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  1. If kinda confused eversince. If someone of them haven't eaten, made or heard of a dish. HOW CAN THEY COOK IT THOUGH? Do they have an ingredients and procedure list on their stations?

  2. Trevor was right tho. Female cooks were stronger, Justine, Mai, Thea even though she cries too much, Miranda, Alicia all were fantastic cooks and a threat, my boy picked well

  3. A Tajine usually takes several hours and berbers even use it mostly overnight. One can use it faster, but does not offer the benefit of slow-cooking and keeping the moist of condesation in tho. So, this is not really suitable for a "pressure test"

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