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I hope you enjoy my healthy organic vegetarian grocery haul. Instagram: @starsdivinemunchies EMF Pendants and Merch …

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  1. Star’s Divine Munchies – I definitely enjoy grocery hauls & I like that you let us know the prices for each item👍Maybe sometimes you could even talk about the healing properties of different foods.🙂

  2. You're eccentric in a good way, I admire your energy and enthusiasm. I've been having negative thoughts and I pray that I find my happy secure place again. Change is good.

  3. I love cottage cheese! I normally eat it with the rice cracker a bit of salt and abit of extra vergine olive oil.. or sometimes i mix it in the salad with cucombers! It taste very nice 😍

  4. I am not going to lie….i do want the old videos back….but i will forgive you if you vlog some….i loved your market outgoings, that was fun!! 😘

  5. These videos help me so much. I ate trash for so long so thanks for sharing. I'm at 75 pounds down and it all started with one of your videos and zevia sodas ❤❤ your awesome!!!

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