Healthy Recipes

HEALTHY RECIPES | What I have been eating to get back on track

Hi Guys! Coming at you this week with some recipes i have been loving. They are super easy, filling and delicious! I will leave the ingredients listed below in …

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  1. Sammy do you have an air fryer? Just wondering if you have any recipes for air fryer and can I make kale chips in the air fryer? Haha (I don’t even have a air fryer but I am getting me one)

  2. Amazing video Sammy! ❤️ Just wanted to remind you… you are so beautiful inside and out 🌞 Also, you did a great job designing the jewelry! ✨If I could afford it I would buy it all 😍

  3. awe i miss you posting all the time but I'm so proud of you & all the accomplishments you were able to do during the pandemic! i was so sad when you first launched but I've gotten a sweatsuit & come summer i will buy a few more staple pieces from you! I'm thankful its made for long legs! Lots of love from Canada!

  4. Love your videos ! I don't think there's a need to label food as healthy or not. You should just eat it if it tastes good and you enjoy it. It's all about balance 🙂

  5. Wtf 3/4 of the way through I decide to grab some snacks then it just so happened Sammy had the same Harvest Snaps in the next couple of seconds I was watching. 👀 😆

  6. Hey Sammy- best way to dry out grated zucchini is to salt it (salt draws out the moisture) and sit it in a colander or sieve for a bit – then squeeze it. The moisture will all come out! x

  7. Loving seeing all these vlogs appear. I’m here for it!!
    Oh and ps. on the zucchini. Use a kitchen towel to ring out the water instead of paper towels. It’s less wasteful and comes out of the towel much more easily than the paper towel that can sometimes break! The pizza looked so good!

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