HEALTHY SINGLE SERVE DESSERTS Part 3: paleo dessert recipes

Healthy single serve desserts that are paleo dessert recipes! FREE Healthy dessert EBOOK: HEALTHY DESSERTS PLAYLIST: …

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  1. There is no end to good-for-you-and-you-wouldnt-know-it-snacks that you come up with! And I, for one of MANY, am here for it. Thank you, Liv.

  2. This is so great!!! Love this. Sometimes I want to have dessert yet not have to deal with leftovers for days.. just one and done! Thank you for this

  3. daaaang. I just made that cookie in my air fryer and formed it as a big thick cookie on some parchment and it was literally so bomb. I want to eat it everyday. That’s a must try in the air fryer

  4. This fudge cup is just what i was craving! These recipes are all good ones to have in my folder. Thanks again Liv for more deliciously clean recipes to help keep me on track. Sending Anguiano love ❤❤❤

  5. hmmm yummy! can i make the deep dish cookie also with a normal egg? thank you for all your delisious recepes! my englisch is not so good sorry. i love you!

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