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Healthy Spring Grocery Haul (Prices Included!)

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  1. I love Zehrs (Loblaws) too. They have an amazing selection of fresh fruits and vegetables and a huge organic department. In Windsor, Ontario we call soda drinks "pop". Love your channel.

  2. I'm Canadian also & grew up eating mangoes, papayas, asparagus; etc. Lots of fresh fruit & vegetables that didn't cost a fortune. It helps to shop at farmer's markets & ethnic grocery stores.
    I spent lots of time shopping that way growing up. I still do. 😀

  3. Here in spain, when asparagus is in season, a bunch (350g) is 1euro or less. So I buy 10_20 bunches and I freeze them. This way, we have asparagus to grill or bake until next year.

  4. My three favourite spring foods are fiddleheads, rhubarb (for smoothies and pie), and asparagus. Really enjoyed this haul I am from canada as well, so it was nice to see products i can actually buy! Congrats on your cookbook 🙂

  5. Those awesome peppers are because a regular pepper was genetically modified to create a new type of pepper. I just thought I would let you know because in previous videos you mentioned you do not choose foods from GMO. I personally see nothing wrong with GMOs, they have done so much good for us Canadians and third world countries. Enjoy the tri-colored peppers!!!

  6. You should have left your hair alone. It now looks dead, dry, and lifeless. Also, your blonde isn't evenly distributed so it looks like you were attacked by a skunk. Also, it's extremely brassy on the sides. Just looks awful. Oh gosh, and then when you don't wash your hair it will look even worse.

  7. Put the remaining spring onions in a mason jar with some water in the sun. They start regrowing in like 2 days and u may never have to buy spring onions again. Just make sure to refill the water if it starts to run out.

  8. The best way to do ribs is to season it and put it directly in the crockpot then after its done (4hours on high or 8 hours on low) you can put the bbq sauce and put it in the oven for 30 mins. They are the besttt!!!!! Super easy!

  9. Forget learning how to roast a turkey, pop that sucker in your slow cooker. It comes out so juicy and perfect provided you don't want crispy skin. We don't eat the skin so it doesn't matter to us but you could just pop it under the broiler for a few minutes. It frees up your oven for all of the other delicious things as well!

  10. I’m in Virginia, this time of year I love to get cantaloupe! Also a cold V8 juice and beer is delicious, sounds crazy but it’s a good twist on a red eye. Also my husband made a mix one year of cottage cheese, cut up jalapeño, green and peppers, and pineapples chunks, and it was such a good little fruit and veggie salad.

  11. The few months I have been subscribed I have learned so much and I am so excited for your cookbook! You really have some amazing recipes on here so I can only imagine what the cookbook will have🤗 I love ur energy and this channel..congrats again!!

  12. Love haul videos! Suggestion – maybe do a video right after a haul video with how you incorporate everything into your recipes? Also loving the new ‘do and congrats on your cookbook!!

  13. On your Instagram story, a grocery store graphic/emoji that was there somehow featured the logo of a Texas based grocery chain, HEB, even though you're a highlighing a Canadian grocery store..hmmm….

  14. Please start buying organic bananas. The other kind is too harsh to the environment. It's not just about what ends up in your body, but more importantly what it does to nature. Here's a chance to do something small for you, but very important for the planet we live on.

  15. Yess Nikole I'm so excited about your book release, fingers crossed I can get my hands on it in AUS <3 PS another easy healthy snack idea video would be fantastic, as I'm constantly snacking and need new healthier ideas xxx

  16. for oven ribs, I normally make a dry rub, cook @ 200F for 3 hours, bump up the temp to 425F and baste ribs in bbq sauce. I like to do it a few times and get the sauce really thick and slightly charred.

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