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Healthy Vegan Grocery Haul | What We Eat! 🍌🥑🍎🥬

Today we go over what we buy and how we use each item. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on things you can buy on your next grocery haul. MY VEGAN …

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  1. Heading to the grocery this week and this is super helpful! I love that you guys sprinkle in recipe inspiration and nutrition facts! I’m so happy that I stumbled upon your channel! 🤩

  2. This girl is a keeper. You couldn't have found anybody more perfect for you and your personality. She fits your whole persona. So precious. Loved the food haul, guys!

  3. I like these shopping videos. Nice to get new ideas. Also, it's soooooo easy to make peanut butter. You should try it. I make a batch every few weeks and it's better and cheaper than anything you can buy. Thanks for the vids!

  4. How long does it take you to go through all that food? I find it a bit challenging to minimize grocery trip during COVID. I love grocery shopping 🙁

  5. Can u and your wife please make vegan meals that are easy to chew? It's hard for me to eat with my dentures and without them I can't even chew salad. I have to go vegan I have horrible health problems and MUST go vegan. I have MS and that's a disease that stems from being allergic to almost everything in the world so I have to go organic vegan . Please help me this is my first channel I'm looking at how to be vegan. Thank you

  6. It's good to see you Crystal! I really like your grocery haul video. You would think the grocery shopping would be easy but it is also very easy to fall in a pattern of buying the same things all the time. This just gives me A New Perspective and new ideas of what to buy and incorporating to my diet. Thanks!

  7. Hey guys! I need to know where you bought the tahini from haha! It's so hard to find runny tahini. ps, I live close to you guys, but I haven't seen that brand at Naked Naturals, was that from Superstore or Costco? Thank you! x

  8. I like cilantro and green onion, I use them every day. But mine tend to wilt. I have done well with putting cilantro in water and then the fridge, but it gets soft. Do you have good storage tips?

  9. Good Morning… My wife and I are on the Lower Mainland here by New West station. After our stretching session this morning with some Finger Eleven, we are heading up to our local produce store to do some and shopping. We thought it would be interesting to see what you guys picked up. My wife just kept saying during your vid, "That's what we buy".
    Keep healthy and safe 🙂

  10. I just bought ur ebook…I've been eatting "vegan/vegetarian" one of my snacks is egg white but I usually sub it for some vegan Turkey slices. My problem is…I work in construction, an there's a season where I get sent out of town for about 4 maybe 5 months work an I stay in hotels… so now I have to figure out a way to cook these meals 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️…would it be a good idea eatting the same breakfast lunch snack an dinner every day for 2 weeks straight?

  11. hey there, i come up with an idea for replacing your chick pea cans. Instead of buying these alu cans we soak a huge amount of the dry ones over night in enough water, boil them the next day and freeze them in portion to have them ready when needed

  12. A convenience tip about CHICKPEAS… I've started cooking mine from dried in my instapot and they taste sooooooooo much better than the canned (plus healthier and cheaper)!
    I make a big batch and then put some to have on hand in the fridge for the week and freeze the rest to have "on hand" whenever. To freeze them, I spread them out on a cookie sheet to dry off and then freeze them flat like that first, then transfer them to ziplock or container afterwards. That way they're not all stuck together and you can sprinkle out however many you want to use at a time. To thaw, just put in some hot water for a couple of minutes and they're good to go! 🙂

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