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3 Healthy and Easy Recipes for MEAL PREP Save money, time and have a more nutritionally balanced diet by meal prepping. Find my meal prep containers …

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  2. I just found your channel and already obsessed!😍 thanks for making easy, prep meals that don’t require so much time nor ingredients!!

  3. I watch ur channel first time I must say u r best on YouTube ur videos bomb❤I am 70kg and 5.6 I m fedup I can't reduced weight I m not consistent can u plz help me give me any diet chart from morning to night how much I can eat

  4. Could you do a segment on portions to eat? Like plate sizes. I’m visual person so it’s easier for me to see it so that way I know how much a healthy portion is. 😊

  5. Yovana, when making the lentil soup just adding water makes it taste good? I would think the veggies help but is it that flavorful? Otherwise, looks delicious and thanks for having the budget friendly recipes. Need more..💓

  6. Pro motivational Healthy meal prep by glowing passionate and so knowledgable chef and wellness guru! Love it 🙂 GO YOU!

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