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Lucky to have a freezer stocked with our own meat during lockdown, Joanna is using beef from the farm and home grown leeks to prepare a hearty beef stew.

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  1. Hello it looked good beef some people may say it was to good for stews but I suppose with full animals there is plenty to go round and it did make a good final product. Ps I am a bit like that with veg I don't like waste at all. Thanks

  2. Your stew looks delicious. If you and your dad like Beef Chili I made this 2 weeks ago. It may be getting to warm out for this. It made 8 servings. It freezes very well in individual servings. Her goes. 2Lb. ground beef, 1 good size onion chopped, 3 teaspoons minced garlic, 3 cans 16 oz. red kidney beans drained and rinsed, 29 oz. diced tomatoes not drained, quarter cup tomato paste, 3 tablespoons chili powder, 1 teaspoon kosher salt, 1 teaspoon coarse ground pepper, 1 teaspoon ground cumin, 1 minced jalapeño you can do this at the end, 1 and half cup Ritz or saltine crackers. Brown the beef and onion together in skillet. In big pot or slow cooker combine everything low heat 6 hours high heat 3 hours stir often on high heat. We had a supermarket around here that really made a good Baguette they lost that Baker. I do the crackers just before I eat especially if I don’t have a good bread.

  3. Good recipe however I would forget the tomato pureé and instead add chopped pumpkin and more garlic.
    The steak looked top shelf and the meal presented well.
    I am sure it was tasty. Thanks.

  4. Ooh that piece of topside looked far too good to stew. Do you have a dedicated freezer room to sell your meat to your campers? I know you can’t do it this year but just an idea. I will tell you more if this is of interest.

  5. Suitably impressed with the level of marbling in the beef(good inheritable trait). Just heard the Queens message…………….. what an amazing woman…………………'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN'.

  6. I'm just about to go to bed and now I'm hungry!!😂. Looks rather nice and would be lovely in the middle of winter coming in from a cold field 😊😊x

  7. A lovely meal to eat together and lovingly made and cooked.It reminds of when I lived on the farm with my granny and grandad,Every mealtime was a special time of love and sharing.I hope that you all enjoyed your meal and mealtime together,…I'm sure you did..ooh,what's for puddings ? ..xx

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