Heston Blumenthal's Chocolate Mousse Masterclass | MasterChef Australia | MasterChef World

Welcome to MasterChef World! The best MasterChef moments from the history of the world’s favourite Cooking TV show from across the globe. Challenges …

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  1. That other guy, with his razor sharp and memorable comments, such as “so you basically heat it up and cool it down again” and “it tastes so chocolaty” was probably been told just to be there to stop Hestons goggles from sliding off, which he probably forgot due to the immensely important contribution of his groundbreaking comments.

  2. Astonishingly, Citizens of the world are so dumb that the mixing of Water and chocolate is awe-inspiring, not molecular geneticists that are trying to cure cancer. We need new role models!

  3. Look at all those happy and bright faces, excited and ready to watch one of the greatest chefs to ever live make one of his incredible dishes, ready to take notes, eager to learn.

    Heston: Water.

    Everyone Else: :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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