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  1. Hi Hannah! Just a question regarding the banana bread – how big would a 213kcal slice be in grams? I’d like to incorporate it into my daily food plan 🙂 thanks! X

  2. OMGoogness I did the same thing on Monday! I did my toful about half as thick and I basically took the tofu scramble recipe added a little water started up and let them soak on each side then I used some of the Tempeh beacon, half a slice of Chao cheese and English muffins they were fantastic 😍 I'm going to make another set of them this week for breakfasts My 15 yr old said You have done it again Mom!

  3. I love baking with chickpea flour (sweet and savory). I found a recipe online, a Frittata with chickpea flour, that is the bomb. Check it out on Vegan Richa's website : )

  4. It's so awesome to watch your videos again now you're more protein focused!
    I loved watching your stuff while I was eating HCLF, but struggled to feel properly satisfied eating that way. I feel way better including more protein in my diet and I can't wait to try out these breakfast options, they're so creative!

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