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  1. @CheapLazyVegan I would love to see that! Making a vid with only homemade vegan Mac and cheese recipes 😋 yummers! And even taking it a step further and doing a Mac n cheese eating vid or munching Mondays vid would be awesome 10 fold.

  2. Hello there!
    I've just dicovered your channel yesterday. 😀
    It's really really great! I'm somewhat of a part-time vegetarian, i.e. I eat fish once a month and have Ghee due to Ayurvedic oriented diet. Other than that, I'm pretty much vegan.
    The third recipe with the pasta looks so good! The only problem is that my digestive system seems to have problems digesting chickpeas, unfortunately. Do you have any idea which ingredients I could use instead?

  3. We have lots of Basil but no pine nuts, edamame and little to none tofu( $$$), so I guess that's how it works life 😂😉

  4. Love your video transfering from pescatarian to vegetarian to 100% plant based, your videos make it easier to a full plant based diet and still keep everything healthy

  5. It's because it's winter that's why it's hard to find fresh basil. Well that's what happens in the UK. There's more of it and it's cheaper in the summer x

  6. I keep forgetting that soft tofu is a great add to things like sauces and smoothies. It's much more versatile then people give it credit for.

  7. @ Melissa B The movie Parasite just uses instant noodles. Why not buy a package of noodles and make your own sauces? Add alternative ' meats' that you like. You could add nori to get the seafood taste. My daughter adds mushrooms for the meaty taste to Korean recipes.

  8. Whenever you post about thrive market in your videos you never say where its available. 🙁 I just went and checked as I had always forgotten to and it's only available in America/Canada 🙁 could you maybe state this when promoting things. I had to go through a whole faff of half signing up to find this out as I went directly through the link on your video. I hope one day they are able to be more world wide. I live in the UK and would love this over here. ^_^ x

  9. love you girl but please lose the bell sound at the end of the video! my poor dog has a stroke and shakes forever after videos include it! (Is my dog the only one??)

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