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Holi Special Thali 2020 | Quick Holi Thali Ideas | Holi Recipes | Simple Living Wise Thinking

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  1. Hi Payal. I made this thali and it was very delicious. I didn’t make the malpura. So thank you for sharing. I enjoy watching all your videos. You are truly inspiring. Well done and keep it up. I look forward to your next dish. I just made your mixed vegetables dish with carrots potatoes green beans and red lentils. Yummy 😋

  2. Hi Payal
    Really nice thali n i also like to c ur videos coz u r so down to earth. No showbiz at all, very honest and humble. God bless u and do not worry God will take care, dont b nervous. The current situation in terms of health scare will change soon.

  3. You put tremendous effort to make these videos. From cooking to shooting to editing them it takes so much hard work and patience. You are one of those few YouTubers who made this platform a happy place for us viewers.

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