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Homemade Aloe Vera Face Mask For Clear Bright and Glowing Skin

Hi Family I am starting a weekly diy skin care routine which will be uploaded every Saturday. I know many of you guys have been asking me how I keep my skin …

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  1. Hello and thanks for all that you do……Is it necessary to wash the fenugreek seeds before adding it to diy growth oils? Thanks in advance for your time.

  2. Hi Selina…I must apologize. I requested the ingredients for your aloe mask because I was unable to read the containers …but I watched the video again because you are always do good with providing the ingredients and I saw that the ingredients were provided in small text as you added each ingredient in I apologize and want to let others who may have missed the ingredients to watch the video again and place close attention to the text at the bottom left of the screen..Thanks again for always sharing😍😉. Velicia B

  3. Hi Selina…the aloe mask looks wonderful but it would be great if you could provide a list of ingredients because we are unable to see the name on some of the containers of product your using. Ad always…thank you for sharing. Sharing is Caring ❤. Velicia B

  4. Hi Selina, I have been using aloe on my face daily & I have been loving the results but I do need to get more now. However, this looks amazing with the ingredients you added. Your skin looks beautiful. FW & have a great weekend

  5. Omg this is freaky 😳 I started using a diy aloe vera mask about a month ago I do it with honey vitamin e sweet almond oil and little of turmeric, and I use aloe vera face wash, homemade coconut body scrub I will try the mask with the clay now, it is like you and I think alike. Keep them coming my friend

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