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Homemade Fresh Pasta | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver

Fresh pasta is the simplest thing in the world and all you need is strong flour (00) and water. In no time at all you can knock together a delicious meal like this …

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  1. Jamie en français s'il te plaît on nous a suprimé m'y cuisine alors que je venais de découvrir la chaine et j'aime beaucoup ta cuisne merci merci merci

  2. Pasta is my favourite food and on the front cover it looks terribly tasty I swear I eat all of pasta on a plate with a lot of parmazan cheese I love it ! I watch you cooking to relax me . My parents watch you all the time and even have books like when you cook Italy it’s the best ! I always say can I watch Jamie to ? I’m just happy that you cook like that 😊

  3. That looks really easy even i can manage that and I dont like the thought of making anything Flour related always say to hard. So thank u I'll definitely be doing this

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