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Homemade Gnocchi with Sage Butter Sauce | Cooking Italian with Joe

Join Joe Borio, Celebrity Chef and Host of the YouTube Cooking Channel ‘Cooking Italian with Joe’ in his kitchen for simple and homemade recipes. Joe is …

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  1. Oh Joe .. These look like the best Gnocchi I have ever seen. The only ones I have ever had are the ones I buy at the store in a plastic bag and I had no idea you were to brown them first ! But what the heck do I know, up until 6 months ago I called them Ga NO CHI hahahaha.

    Making these for sure I have my own free range hens and a ricer just need your boys Olive Oil . I love Italy what a beautiful country only been there in books and on youtube. What region is your place in ? I have been praying for Italy.. God Bless you all. P.S. I agree if a person does not like dogs or GARLIC I don't trust them haha

  2. Don't under stand all the extra steps and oil (they will still brown up and not stick to the pan). Nice looking Gnocchi and great dough but putting them in the oil and pouring sauce over made no sense. Why not just go right right from the boiling water into the butter sauce?

  3. Hi Joe I just found your channel! Wow I was really missing out!! I am Lia. My father was born in Italy. Grew up in an Italian family. I lost my parents when I was younger and I sure miss all the great cooking that is on your channel! It’s a taste of home. Thank you for doing this channel. You are amazing. Can’t wait to try these recipes. It brightens the day. We all need this! Take care.

  4. Definitely a great dish to eat. The seed in the butter pressing sounds like your dad's an excellent touch to them. And I will say the olive oil looks delicious as you poured it in the pan it had that great green Hue to it as all good olive oil should.

  5. Hi Joe Joe here I just wanted to say I watched this at like 11pm and now I want to make them yes you heard that right I need help 😁 well any amazing 👍 I will be adding this to my menu I made your chicken dish the other day and it was 👌 maybe not as good as yours but then again did not kill anyone and the family liked it very much thank you again stay safe 🙏 for a speedy recovery. Joe aka ragu.

  6. Love your recipes Joe. God bless you. You’ve lost some weight. Good for you. I LOVE your meatball recipe. My guests are always pleased. Thank you ☺️

  7. Mmmm. I just rolled out some gnocchi the other day. Guess what I’m having for dinner. 😛 Next time, will be trying your dough recipe. Looks amazing.

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