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Homemade Quesadillas | Keep Cooking & Carry On | Jamie Oliver #withme

Like all of us Jamie and his family are locked up at home but he still wants to keep giving you useful recipes. So now Jools is on camera, the kids are on sound …

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  1. Джейми красавчик!!! Много рецептов подсмотрел! Посмотри канал Георгий Кавказ! Только здоровая пища!!!!

  2. Brilliant thanks team OLIVER! Can we do requests please? I was actually looking for enchiladas when came across this one! Just not sure what sauce to put over? Cheers guys, stay safe Chris

  3. If it were i cooking, i’d cook off veggies first and set aside, cool and toss with cheese, slap that tortilla onto a hot comal Aftet first having lowered heat to quite moderate—first to cook it. I like it flakey and crisp—cook both sides lightly and then fill One and top with its mate, mash it with a spatch, flip it to keep the heat evenly on both sides, keep heat moderate but you know comal is hot, keep flipping every couple of minutes till cheese melted. Thats a quesadilla, bosa

  4. Among most TOP chefs, Jamie Oliver’s recipes are so doable with options for ingredients that he throws in!
    I made this- Super easy and finger licking good!
    A perfect lockdown (recipe) video.

  5. Jamie I would love to see how you make a veggie pasty (cornwall style). Ideally cheese onion potato? I would be so so grateful if you could give us a video on that! Thank you!

  6. Jamie, you ROCK. It is a delight every time I see you in anything.Thank you for being such a positive force in this world. We need more of that right now. I want to support that, so I'm going to go buy another one of your books right now, haha. Any excuse to do that, right? 🙂 Thanks again, dude!

  7. Джейми спасибо за видео, они у вас всегда позитивные! Жаль, что у Вас нет контента с переводом на Русский язык!

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