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Hey family!! Welcome back to another 2020 Clean With Me & Homemaking Inspiration video! Today I’m teaming up with WW to share an update on my WW …

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  1. Hey family!! I hope your week is going well!! I am super excited to share another Homemaking video with y’all & give you some NEW motivation & inspo! Let me know if this made you want to declutter, Clean or try one of the recipes!! (The corresponding blog post is linked in the description box above!) Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

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  2. I heard that the instant pot doesn’t do as well as a crockpot. You should make some of your favorite crockpot meals in the instant pot on slow cooker and see if you like it. I really only made two recipes in the crockpot and they do great in the instant pot. My crockpot is now in the garage waiting for me to not be lazy and get rid of it.

  3. Hi I have a random question, I’m shopping for a fridge, and the four door design you have is my fav. There’s a Samsung brand that looks like yours is it a Samsung you have? And if yes do you have any issues with the ice maker? That seems to be the one thing some people were complaining about. If it’s not Samsung what brand is it? And what’s your thoughts? I don’t like the drawer freezers. I think it’s worst piling things on top one another in the freezer. thank you 😊

  4. Question I noticed you place your cleaning sponge in a dish and I was wondering what is the solution you put on the sponge and do you leave it overnight or pour it out. I’m new to your channel so if you mentioned it I probably haven’t got to that video yet lol

  5. as for keeping the slowcooker… I have 2 slowcookers and an instant…and I love them all, especially for cooking large portions ahead or for when I'm making different dishes, or when I have people coming over for dinner. Im using and keeping them all

  6. I just watched one of your marathon videos earlier today. It was my first time viewing your channel. I have no idea when it was, but I want you to know I can see a total difference in your demeanor and health. You weren't (aren't) dramatically overweight, but you're making amazing strides in getting your health back in check! You look fantastic! <3

  7. About your crockpot, I think you should consider times when you might need both at the same. I like to make rice in the instapot to serve with beef burgundy in the crockpot, or steamed vegetables in the instapot with pulled chicken in the crockpot. If you don't use them together, or only for a large gathering, maybe store the crockpot somewhere other than your kitchen for those times.

  8. Love this smaller kitchen declutter following up the bigger one…great inspiration for all of us to do the same & follow up w smaller/quicker decluttering!! Love u & ur vids Amanda!!😘❤️🙏🏻

  9. Re: crockpot vs Instant Pot… totally keep your crockpot. I've found that my IP does not slow cook well. It's worth the "clutter" to me.

    Side thought: Does anyone know if you can use Crockpot liners in the IP? It's not hard to clean, but any time I can save a step or two, I want to.

  10. I love ur home u have such good taste. U always make me feel so uplifted and motivated to clean and decorate. Specially right now with everything going on I've been feeling really down but every time I watch ur videos I feel really good and my stress level goes down. Thank u 🙏❤

  11. Yes! Even in Alabama, we've had many nights where we've had the heater on at night and the air conditioning on during the day. Lots of beautiful sunny and breezy days, though. We have our storms and tornado weather like always, but it hasn't been for days on end like the rainy season we had earlier this year.

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