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Honey and Oat Hot Process Soap for Beginners

Welcome to my video for those of you who are beginners to the hot process soap making method. I hope you enjoy my honey and oat soap recipe! You can use …

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  1. You weighed out the ingredients that're listed in grams, correct? I'm not used to working in grams but we have a kitchen scale, and this looks like a nice recipe to try early on in soapmaking at some point!

  2. Hi Elly, do you know if it matters if you use quick-cooking oats in cold process soap? I ground some up in a coffee mill – not really to the point of flour because I wanted some exfoliation – and right out of the mold the soap has heaps [see what I did there? :-)] of tiny/small dark orange dots with a halo around them. There were also a few bigger dark orange holes in the soap. At first I thought it was the dreaded orange spots, but I'm wondering if you have to use regular rolled oats…? Thanks very much.

  3. Hello and many thanks for your recipe! I didn't find the answer to my question so I ask you directly 😅 how many grams is a teaspoon for oaks for example please?

  4. Mam beetroot juice give me instant glow on my face i want a make a beetroot soap is it possible to make instead of water can i use beetroot juice with sodium hydroxide for lye solution

  5. Is it possible to make a soap using cold process and then later on a few days later, maybe heat it or melt it using double boiler method and get the saponification accelerated as though it were a hot processed soap. this is to avoid this whole crockpot thing.

  6. The soap looks lovely and I enjoyed watching the video as I have never seen Hot Cold Process Soap done before. It is something I would try, its new for me and something to experience.

  7. Hi elly. Thanks so much for filming great videos! May i know is hot process soap is as gentle as cold process soap? What is the main difference of hot and cold process soap except for the ways making it? As a consumer, which soap should we go to? Thanks in advance for answering my questions.

  8. Hey elly thank you so much for motivating me I want to know if I can use this ingredients but instead of the hot process can I use the cold and I don’t have late power is have the normal oats

  9. I came to your channel for a very specific question to be answered… and you did not disappoint. Thank you for always being on point in your videos. As a soap newbie, I appreciate your clear, down to earth videos. You are the best! Can you be my auntie? 🙂 Just kidding, but you totally remind my of my elementary school teachers!

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