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How a Food Forest Garden Maximizes Food Production | Regenerative Agriculture

John from visits the Kauai Food Forest on the Garden Isle of Kauai in Hawaii. This episode was previously recorded before …

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  1. Hi I need your advise, I’m looking to purchase loan soil and Alabama red clay online, I am having a hard time finding anyone that sells these two things online. Would you know any gardening or soil companies that may ship these items to Florida? Thanks!

  2. Great Videos! FYI-check your scalp (your loosing hair on the right side of your scalp) and skin. You may have a skin parasite. Looks like Tinea capitis. Ring worm of the scalp and skin. I've had a few parasites in my unwanted travels. Not fun! Take care of them! I might be wrong. Worth checking it out!

  3. So glad you mentioned not juicing everything yah eat. My buddy use to go nuts on eating certain foods by the bale. When he turned 62 he applied for social security. Never got his first check. Had a tumor in his gut the size of a laof of bread. Horrible , that guy put everything in his mouth. Fun guy but thin as a rail that ate everything.

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