How a Food Stylist Makes Air Fried Cauliflower Bites | Ultimate #StayHome Appetizer Recipe

Rishon has a major craving for some spicy Buffalo cauliflower bites, so she walks us through the steps to make these at home. These are easy to make in an …

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  1. Rishon you're looking great and blooming! 🙂 you were already beautiful before, but you look more beautiful in these newer vids! 😀

    keep up the good work, guys! I don't understand why you don't have as much subscribers and viewers as I thought you did.. hope your channel catches on. I'm proud to say I was one of the first few people who found you out. 🙂

  2. Wow, she has lost hella weight! She almost looks like a completely different person! She looks so healthy and happy! (Tho, she definitely seemed healthy and happy before- you can just tell she’s more “open”. Where as before her arms were always drawn close& like “tucked in”)

  3. Ok..I got this tip from a real Italian who's familycownes restaurants in Italy..not only does the Parsley look pretty but it aids in digestion…but most of all if you eat it after those spicy garlicky meals…it freshness your breath.!!!!.

  4. Looks amazing Rishon! I really like cauliflower and can't wait to try this recipe. Seriously, next grocery trip I'm getting cauliflower. Thank you! Btw, love your southern accent, makes your videos even better.

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