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How Being Healthy & Vegan Saves Us Money + A Budget-Friendly Recipe!

The awesome thing about embarking on this vegan lifestyle journey, is that we not only became healthier, we also became more conscious of how we vote with …

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  1. We loooove you guys!!! You’re an inspiration!! Thank you for filming this video to help us get on track financially! Yes pls we would love if you’d do a video about planting an at home garden. It’s a little hard figuring it out in Arizona, but still some ideas about planting seeds, etc would be really helpful. Thank you and God bless!!

  2. Big tip to save money also, don't buy the spices in those small quantities, so overpriced. $4 for a small 1oz bottle or buy a 16oz for 10$, big difference!

  3. You guys are growing so quickly!! I was a subscriber when you had way less so it’s super rewarding for us all (and obviously you guys of course!)to see so many people noticing you guys! You guys are awesome! Big fan!

  4. Yes to the home gardening video! I'm getting ready to plant my own garden so I will really appreciate all your advices! And double yes to this amazing recipe! Can't wait to try it! ❤

  5. Hahaha omg I love you walking in on Dusty in the bathroom. Great stuff. Erin and Dusty y’all rank among my favorite vegan YouTubers. 🖤😊

  6. Yesss!!! Please post some at home gardening vids! If you have any book recommendations or other resources please share! Also, any tips for growing fruits and veggies in pots for us apartment loving folks would be great!

  7. Super video; thanks!! Handsome haircut Dusty. Natural Beauty Erin…. but your Max!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 Gerber Baby!!! I never tire of drinking in his adorableness. Also thank you for your calm demeanor; might be repeating that, but I believe your calmness is reaching countless people in this chaotic world. ❤️ 🕊🌱👋

  8. You guys are the absolute best! And you're also the reason I've got a new found passion and love for eating more fruits and veges!
    I have struggled with food for many years and finally beginning to feel more ALIVE since going plant based. You guys are changing more lives than you know. Thank you so much Erin and Dusty!!
    Sending love from Sydney, Aus. Xxxx

  9. I love your videos, you both are so inspiring! Also, love you haircut Dusty, you look great, and Erin, you are beautiful as always and baby Max is adorable 🙂

  10. That was funny.."more importantly than staying healthy is…saving money"?!
    Anyway. just not throwing cheese and meat in one's grocery cart is a massive savings

  11. You might really like, our Hawaiian Molokai Purple Sweet Potato is on there, tubers and leaves both edible. The heirloom choices really expand your nutrition and range of tastes depending on what you get. We loved the beans, edible flowers, rare veg/fruit that we got 👍🏽

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