How I Avoid OVEREATING During Quarantine | Healthy Snacks + Desserts

Put down the cookie!! If you’ve been overeating during quarantine you need to watch this! These are all the things I’m doing to avoid unhealthy snacks while …

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  1. It's really hard because I am a college student so when I am at school I can buy my own groceries and control what I eat. but now since we had to leave our residencies and come live at home, I can't control what my parents buy and what I eat as much. I don't really know what to do!

  2. So a trick I have been trying is, if Iwant a snack I allow my self crunchy veg or fruit first then if it’s still on my mind I have a big glass of water.usually by then the snack craving has subsided. Find I am craving more booze though so I’m not buying it! 🥂🍾🍾

  3. Okay- the small bowl/plate trick totally works!!! Loved this video. I definitely needed to get these tips and omg HANGER BOMBS 😍 SO GOOD! I love your little minis and the thin layer of chocolate 😬 going to work on moving some of my healthier options forward into my line of vision. You’re the best!! (@corkygetsfit)

  4. Another trick I like to use that is similar to what you shared about going & doing a mini workout challenge before having a treat or snack. I like to just go do SOMETHING first before snacking, not necessarily a workout. This helps me not to snack just because I’m bored or because someone else in the house is snacking. Things I might do include: water my flowers, read a magazine or book, check email, call a friend or family member, go check the mailbox, wash the dishes or do some other cleaning task, or some type of exercise activity like you mentioned.

    Love 💕 your tips! Thanks!

  5. Your videos have me totally inspired! It's so hard for me to get inspired to work out or eat healthy but I have literally binge watched your videos and it makes me want to completely redo my routines! Thank you!

  6. Love this video, I needed this so much! I've been feeling off my game and this will help me get back on track to finish SSD!! ❤

  7. I took quarantine as an opportunity to start working out, but then i started to feel more hungry wich is relatively good since i domt feel hungry at allllll during the whole day but the problem is i start over eating even if im not hungry i just can't shut my mouth and i start to fell heavy and im afraid to lose weight since my metabolism is so freaking slow 😢

  8. I’ve gained so much and I’m still working full time “bank teller” just stressed from all the exposure to people. Way too many sweets and alcohol. Thank you for the suggestions

  9. You should just rename this “stay at home parent survival tactics” 😂 I’ve been a stay at home parent for 3 yrs and these are ALL of my temptations. Thanks for posting!

  10. There are Different types of apps out there that tell me what my calories should be for the day. Some tell me more and others are less calories. They all seem to be different. How do I go about deciding which one is right for me. HELP

  11. I like that you gave us some good tips for staying healthy during these times BUT when talking about rewarding yourself with a snack after doing a workout, or "challenge," is a very unhealthy mindset to have. You do not need to do anything to earn your food. You as a human deserve the food, you do not need to force yourself to do a workout in order to feel okay about eating something. Our bodies tell us when we need food so it is important to listen to our bodies and eat when we are feeling hungry and not ignore our cues and put the feeling of hunger into a reward

  12. Du bist eine wunderschöne Frau hast eine tolle Ausstrahlung und eine top Figur, ich wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und alles Liebe und gute 👍💞💖🔥👌😍💪🌹

  13. Great tips!!! The first one I plan to use is putting the healthy foods up front where they are visible and the non healthy foods in the back of the fridge/cabinet. While watching this video I jotted down some good snacks I forgot I had. (We have bought a lot of food since the quarantine so we don't have to shop so often, but consequently some of the good food got pushed to the back. Not anymore!) Thank you!!!

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