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How I gained 100,000+ Instagram followers in 3 MONTHS!! | ORGANIC 2021

A highly requested video on how I grew 100000 followers in 3 months! If you guys do all the steps in this video you will see organic FAST growth too. Around the …

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  1. OMG. I thought I saw Ariana Grande: DDD
    Your vice and appearance. That was amazing.

    Thank you Helin for sharing your experience.
    These are 8 tactics that I always follow
    💙 Go Live ( go live from your PC or Mac using
    💙Use the right hashtags ( use 5-6 hashtags)
    💙 Use high-quality filters ( edit with Canva)
    💙 Post at the right times
    💙 Use geotags to boost local discovery
    💙 Organize your Stories into Highlights
    💙 Share user-generated content
    💙 Be consistent

  2. Loved this hun! congrats on the many followers you have, you deserve it! saw you grow from 2k into an inspirational content creator and you're killing it xxxx

  3. Thank you so much for this! I’ve seen your growth and it’s amazing, your videos are great and it’s incredibly sweet of you to share how you did it! I’m starting to make makeup videos as well and these tips are so helpful! You are beautiful inside and out thank you so much🥰💕💕💕

  4. Thank you so muchh this was sooooo helpfull i want to create content from but i m tooo lazyyy😅 but i m gonna start now thank youuu!! Love you sooo much😍❤️

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