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HOW TO BOOST IMMUNITY – How to boost Immune Power Naturally

HOW TO BOOST IMMUNITY – How to boost Immune Power Naturally Support Us on Patreon : GERM INFECTED …

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  1. WONDERFUL WORK… wish you were president of the US, head of the FDA, CDC, WHO, AMA!
    Wish we knew how to clone you, but glad you are trying to clone your beautifully presented information with these videos.
    Now how do we get all those agencies to understand there’ will still plenty of money to be made in Pharma no matter how well people eat, supplement,,sleep, meditate, exercise, sunbathe, shower and stress manage?
    No money in it?
    There’s plenty of money to be made and saved in vitamins and all of these things.

  2. I did feel like my immune system is better after having these supplement. My mother was sick for about a week and I was afraid I'd get caught with her virus so I took this Immune Booster. And guess what I'm healthy as ever.

  3. Really informative video. I also had this immune boosting herbal product from Planet Ayurveda like Immune booster capsules and Giloy capsules that contain herbs which boosts immunity naturally. It really works wonders

  4. I’ve been a big fan of Chaga myself for a while. I love that it’s getting the recognition it deserves. Sadly that leads some businesses to take advantage of consumers with snake oil-like tactics. For example, most businesses won’t tell you that the Chaga pills aren’t actually that effective because your body can’t properly metabolize the fungus(companies just want a higher $ per pound). By brewing it into tea, you actually steep the nutrients into the water which your body can metabolize much better. The quality of the Chaga is really important as well. Most companies either artificially grow it or import the Chaga from Russia. I highly recommend the Chaga from Birch Boys, I’ve been a customer for years. They wild harvest all of their mushrooms in the Adirondacks and integrate sustainable harvesting methods, allowing in most cases, for the mushroom or fungi to regrow. Due to my long time spent as a customer, they gave me a friends and family code you can use if you like. Go to and use the code “clif” at check out for 10% off. Sorry for the wall of text lol, I just get passionate about this message. The only way for everyone to thrive is for everyone to be aware and informed. Keep yourself safe and healthy 🤙🏻🍄

  5. The simple rule of boosting immunity is give up all pleasures and do everything that makes you miserable, You can then live 100 miserable years of life with rock solid immuniity. NO booze, no smoking, No fast food, no other pleasure in life. Just hug misery morning to evening and you are doing fine.

  6. Great information. I am using herbal detox tea of planet Ayurveda and it really effective and help to improve general health which helps fight against infections and keep body health

  7. it is really true, i take lemon with water every day .. i've got so much energy and i am feeling pretty well , there 's no way to get any vírus if you keep your imune system Strong enough .

  8. ll the above symptoms are only because of weak immunity or when our immune system gets weak and having Strong immunity is the basis of Ayurveda on which all our medicines work that is to increase your immune power to fight against infections and Rejuvinate your body naturally. No virus is strong enough to attack you until your immunity is strong. So Ayurveda has answers to all your symptoms of Bacteria and Virus.

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