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How to Buy Organic Food on a Budget | Clean 15 Dirty Dozen List

A lot of people don’t start eating healthy, especially organically, because of the cost. Do you not know where to start or wonder if organic even matters?

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  1. One way we save a lot of money on organic produce is using the misfit boxes. You can choose your produce that is sent to you. I love my misfit box! I would highly recommend them

  2. Thank you so much thIs is wonderful! I also shop around I have a note book that I write down all my local stores and prices of things I buy so I can get the best deal

  3. Great video! I'll definitely write out this list. I'm really trying to be conscious about at least not eating gmo foods and buying organic when I can. I watched a documentary a few months ago on gmo foods and it's scary/ sad to say the least.
    One way we like to kind of do it ourselves is You pick farms. We go Apple, strawberry and grape picking during their seasons and make our own jams, applesauce and other things. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Laura :o)

  4. Would u consider doing a video on how to organic gardening? I know it will probably not be the same where I live but maybe just the basics? I love your videos. I have been committed to a more natural life for about 5 years after my husband had a medical crises. Doing research on what we ingested and all the items we use was eye opening as far as toxicity.

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