How to Clean Your Air Fryer → SMELLY? DIRTY? NEW? Watch THIS!

If you’ve got an air fryer, then it might be time to take a look inside of the unit. If you ‘re wondering how to clean an air fryer, you’ve come to the right place!

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  1. Two important points you missed (or maybe I missed them?)–

    1. Put a towel down on the counter before you turn your AF over onto its top. You don't want to scratch up the touch screen surface.

    2. When scrubbing the cooking element and its surroundings, don't use so much liquid or spray, that it will run into the top of the AF while you are cleaning it. Getting the soap and/or water into the electronic part of the machine could mess up the controls. If you aren't sure if you got water or soap into the electronic part of the machine, leave the bucket out of it overnight….this will give it more ventilation to dry out.

    Thank you for your videos!!! I love them!

    (I just got an air fryer oven, and I LOOOOOOVE it!….do you plan to add this machine to your repertoire?)

  2. THANK YOU for this video! I've tried everything except that Dawn power wash. I will have to try that.
    Unfortunately, for some reason, the so-called "non stick" basket in my NuWave air fryer is NOT non stick at all. Even though I've cleaned it after every use….almost…'s got baked on splotches of greasy nubs all over the bucket and pan holder. I was going to use some spray on oven cleaner and leave it over night, but I'm kind of scared it might eat off that cheap coating they have on there.

    I've even filled it up with boiling water in the sink, and used a large amount of dish soap and scrubbed it with a bristle brush, and the baked on grease nubs are still on there!

    Hopefully the Dawn cleaner will work! (I even tried bathroom soap scum spray on it, with no effect)

  3. Is it safe to allow water to go inside those open slots located on top of the basket by the handle? I have an Instant Pot Vortex AF and the basket looks similar to yours. I always wash the basket, but am afraid to get water inside slots. My AF didn't come with written instructions.
    Thanks again! I'm subscribed to your channel and I love it because hubby is going to get faster meals which take less time to cook and are delicious. Thank you for your videos!!!🤗

  4. Amazing Thankyou the amount of build up of crap around the element unbelievable… I have a salter 4.5 xl air fryer and had it about 3 months now cause I don’t fill it to the top it’s like leaving a mark around the outside of the inner basket, can you recommend anything ? I haven’t tried soaking it in the main basket and do you soak it when it’s hot or cold and great video

  5. Hi Cathy….I am curious about using a steel wool scrubber to clean the air fryer heating element area. You shared that it was safe to do clean that area more aggressively because it doesn't have a Teflon coating to deal with. However, I tried a little area on my Corsori and noticed it was putting little scratches where I cleaned. Having that scratching won't cause issues down the road?

  6. I’ve been trying to get my hubby to understand how to lightly wipe the microwave after every use but he “doesn’t see the dirt” 🤦🏼‍♀️ probably not gonna work with the air fryer either!
    But I told him our air fryer stinks and sent him this video!
    Thank you!!!

  7. i thought i was cleaning until i saw this video i scrubed until my back hurt but it looked good not like new but cleaner thank you my next one let just say it will be cleaner lol

  8. TIP: If you want to know if your air fryer is clean or dirt cook hard boiled eggs in the air fryer. 250 for 20 min. If the eggs come back speckled with brown stuff you didn't clean your air fryer good enough. Dunk those eggs in cold water and clean it agian then enjoy your eggs. I use vinegar to clean my deep fryer and it works well and I don't have to worry about any chemically after tastes. Fun fact: Restaurants use vinegar for cleaning ti's safe.

  9. Currently in this boat I have the Insignia 5qt airfryer I've only had it 4-5months or so and it's so hard to remove the build up from bacon grease up at the top under the coil(my husband would tell me he cleaned it after cooking bacon I should've know better to check up top 🤦🏻‍♀️) I can't fit a foot brush under the coil to fully scrub it smokes when turning it on once getting to the 5mins mark. I'm going to try I skin scrubbing pad my husband wants to throw it away and I'm trying to salvage it. Did yours smoke or put or a chemical scent when you turned it on after cleaning it?

  10. I just got the Gowise 1700 and my goodness I’m loving it! I do not smell a “new smell” thankfully, but it’s a bit bigger than I expected, and I’m subscribed to ur channel for cooking ideas and I enjoy ur cleaning tip too! Very nice 👍🏻

  11. I find cleaning as you go makes life a lot easier. I was , however surprised when I was doing hard cooked eggs in the air fryer. When the eggs were done, they were speckled with grease.I thought that is strange. When it cooled, I turned it over to find that my heating coil and surround were greasy. I won't let that happen again. It only takes a minute after everything has cooled to give it a quick rub down with a paper towel

  12. What kind of idiot would give this a thumbs down? Super helpful. You've inspired me to give my air fryer a deep clean – thank you!

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